What is the “Mobilyzr Online” System?

“Moving members into ministry” is our byword at “mobilyzr  Online.”

“Mobilyzr Online” is a system of online databases, tools, reports, and resources that helps leaders pinpoint their church’s or ministry’s vital signs, so they can implement an intentional, complete, integrated process to connect God’s people to meaningful ministry.

The mobilyzr system offers two Evaluation versions, one tailored for churches and the other for ministry teams.

Six “mobilyzr Online” Evaluation questionnaires identify specific areas for improvement in the parts of an integrated ministry mobilization process: connecting, identifying, equipping, empowering, encouraging, and multiplying. They also offer a range of recommended resources that are targeted at the specific issues addressed in various questions. The Evaluation questionnaires are available in print and online versions, and can be used with an entire congregation, or any specified subgroups or ministry teams. Results from online Evaluations are automatically stored in a database. Results from print Evaluations can be put into the same database.

The PLACE Assessment helps believers and church leaders know how they are most competent to serve by understanding their personality and spiritual gifts.

The PLACE Assessment Tool uses a set of five assessments to help individuals discover their God-given Personality, Spiritual Gifts, Abilities, Passions, and Life Experiences, and match with “best fit” ministry possibilities. The PLACE Assessment Tool is available in print and online versions. Results from both kinds can be stored in a subscriber’s PLACE Volunteer Database.

The PLACE Volunteer Database, bundled with the “mobilyzr Online” Survey System subscription, stores contact information and ministry identification details for all individuals who have completed the five PLACE Assessments. This database tracks individuals from workshop/assessment to ministry placement, provides searches for specific data, generates reports that build accountability among church leaders, and tracks trends that provide valuable ministry involvement insights.

The “mobilyzr Online” Survey System, bundled with the PLACE Volunteer Database subscription, gives three separate congregational polls: Ministry Involvement in the church and in the community, Equipping Preferences for each individual’s hierarchy of best learning modes and media, and Appreciation Preferences for each individual’s hierarchy of best way to receive encouragement. Survey results are stored in individuals’ Volunteer Database profiles. The Survey System helps leaders improve tracking of ministry trends and customizing communications with individual staff and volunteers.

Using the free “mobilyzr Online” Ministry Guide, leaders can input and store their organizational structure, ministry positions, and job descriptions online. They can also give people access to view any or all available ministry service opportunities, review the relevant job responsibilities and time commitment, and find out how to contact leaders about openings. The Ministry Guide has a printout feature to produce and copy your Guide as a booklet.