PLACE Database


A vital key to assimilating members into meaningful ministry is a system/process that allows church leaders to track and measure their members progress!

The PLACE volunteer database allows you to move from desire to fulfillment

Have You Ever Desired To:

  • track members from the discovery of spiritual gifts to actual ministry involvement?
  • build ministry teams based on giftedness and passion, not just slot filling?
  • know members overall commitment to ministry throughout your church?
  • know where God is moving in the lives of your members?
  • start new ministries based on the passions and gifts of your members?

Start a quick tour about the PLACE Volunteer Database Benefits

Start a quick tour about the PLACE Volunteer Database Benefits

The PLACE Database allows you to search for whatever criteria you desire like specific spiritual gifts, people passions, age, etc. The database filters allow you to save searches under whatever name you create for the search.
The PLACE Database is an excellent resource to learn about someone before inviting them to possible serve within a ministry. Also, it gives the ministry leader an excellent opportunity to know the gifts and passions an individual brings to a ministry and determine if the person is a fit with the ministry opportunity.
Many churches use the PLACE Volunteer Database to discover where God is moving in the lives of His people. From there they develop ministries based upon the passion and giftedness of their people to empower them to serve those He has already placed upon their hearts.
The PLACE Database is a built in accountability process to help ministry leaders assign and track their members as they move from the PLACE assessment to involvement or to being not involved in a ministry. No more, “I wonder what so and so is doing.”
Not only does the PLACE database have incredible search capabilities, but from a search you can communicate straight from the database with potential individuals that could bring the exact blend of gifts, talents, passion, personality and life experiences to start new ministries.
The Volunteer Database allows church leaders to assign a minister/ministry leader to a felt passion (children, youth, non-Christians, church visitors, etc.). When an individual takes the online PLACE Assessment the ministry leader assigned to the felt passion group is automatically notified of the individual’s passion for the group they are assigned to in the assessment.
When individuals take the PLACE Assessments that are associated with your church the PLACE Volunteer Database will allow these assessments to be imported into your database. No longer does a volunteer or paid staff person have to key in the information.
The streaming video is available 24 hours a day on the internet and can be accessed directly with a link from your church’s website.
Straight from the PLACE Online Video Player an individual is instructed to Log-in where they will either purchase a PLACE Assessment or input the activation code given them by their church or organization.
Individuals from the convenience of their home, office, coffee shop, etc. can watch the teaching of PLACE, take the assessments and have them downloaded automatically into their church or organization’s PLACE online database. From their church leaders can review a profile and/or search for any criteria they are looking for in a potential ministry servant.