Three Surveys in One

Mobilyzr Surveys tell you:

  • where your members are involved (ministry involvement survey)
  • how your members desire to be trained (equipping survey)
  • how your members feel appreciated for doing ministry (appreciation survey)

Start a quick tour about the three Mobilyzr Surveys

Start a quick tour about the three Mobilyzr Surveys

A yearly subscription to Mobilyzr gives you an unlimited number of surveys that can be given to your people throughout the year.
When activating a survey you determine the survey name (ie. - Bible Study Leaders, Student Ministry, etc) along with which surveys (involvement, equipping and/or appreciation) you desire to have taken by the group.
The surveys can be taken online or you can print them to distribute. Consider the print version during a worship service emphasizing ministry involvement or possibly within small groups.
It only takes 5-8 minutes to complete all three surveys.
You can apply filters to categories, ministries and/or jobs along with equipping and appreciation preferences by those who complete the survey(s). Use these filters to communicate via email or whatever means you choose to those who serve.