Involvement Survey

Now you can see almost instantly where service is happening through the members of your church or ministry. In the Ministry Involvement Survey, your members check off:

  1. the ministries where they serve
  2. the job(s) they perform in these ministries
  3. the amount of hours they spend in each ministry job
  4. whether the ministry is associated or unassociated with your church

Start a quick tour about the Involvement Survey

Start a quick tour about the Involvement Survey

When you activate a new survey for your members you are given an opportunity to create a message to those taking the survey. In the sample above it tells those taking the survey what is considered ministry “unassociated” with the church. This is an excellent way to find out where or how much time your members are involved in “missional” ministry.
The online survey shown here is also capable of being distributed by printing it. An excellent way to survey the entire church or small groups like Bible study classes.
Track Involvement compared to worship and small group attendance. The real benefit is comparing your horizontal tracking from one period to the next (consider a yearly or bi-annual survey) that is compared.
If you have ever wondered how many hours your members give to areas like discipleship, worship, evangelism, etc. (whatever “categories” you name) the ministry involvement survey will automatically give you a quick overview of hours involved in each category.
After your members complete the survey the results of “ministry” involvement by hours are automatically calculated for quick viewing.
Like categories and ministries survey results of involvement by “jobs” within ministries are automatically calculated for quick viewing.
Ministry Involvement Survey Results quickly allow you to know who is serving where and how many hours each group and individual is serving in categories, ministries and jobs.
Once your members complete the ministry involvement survey you can select specific ministries or jobs that people serve and email information to those serving in those ministries or jobs.
Allow survey users to inform you what ministries and jobs they are involved in. Then you decide where to merge these ministries and jobs with existing ones in the ministry guide. Secondly, you can assign them to categories if not assigning them to an existing ministry or job. Finally, you may choose not to place them in your guide.