How can mobilyzr help make our organization more "healthy"?

"mobilyzr Online" uses a systems-oriented approach to assimilating volunteers into ministry. The mobilyzr evaluation instruments, online databases, tools, reports, and resources work together as a set. This lets them cover larger areas of ministry needs together than they would be able to do individually (though each one as a stand-alone product can still improve multiple aspects of your ministry). So, it is designed to raise the health level of all components within the system, instead of focusing on fixing just this or that part.

When used completely and consistently, the’s system should improve the overall health and longevity of your church, ministry, or agency:

  • Assess levels and locations of vulnerability in current ministry strategies and structures.
  • Create and implement a complete, integrated design process for developing sustainability in your volunteer assimilation system.
  • Revise your discipleship systems to improve your flexibility in equipping people and in creating better long-term viability by producing/reproducing next generations of leaders.
  • Mobilize disciples into ministries with better applicability to their spiritual gifts, natural strengths, and ministry passions.
  • Track members’ involvement in both church and community to consider the overall visibility of the organization, and potential availability of volunteers to serve in existing ministries or help inaugurate new ones.
  • Communicate with ministry team members more easily and regularly about schedules and other details by generating automatic emails.
  • Create customized evaluation reports, and incorporate more and better accountability measurements into your strategic plan development processes.
  • Keep more future-ready by infusing its "holistic paradigm” into your organization’s systems, since society is generally moving in the direction of that paradigm.