What are the main benefits of the mobilyzr process?

Mobilyzr gives you a strategy, database, and tracking tools to implement a complete process for connecting God’s people in meaningful ministry. Specifically, it gives you a database with capabilities to:

  • Track members’ ministry involvement.
  • Keep in touch with members about ministry dates and details by generating automatic emails.
  • Issue customized reports of statistics and trends.
  • Survey participants on their Ministry Involvement, Appreciation Preferences, and Equipping Preferences.
  • Conduct searches for potential volunteer matches for ministry jobs/tasks.

How does the mobilyzr process benefit volunteers, leaders, and organizations?

Like “life planning” for ministries, the mobilyzr process offers a complete and integrated approach to member assimilation/mobilization, with important benefits to different groups:

  • For volunteers: Mobilyzr integrates character development, biblical worldview expansion, and ministry involvement. Volunteers are better coached while serving in “best fit” ministries that match who God made them to be.
  • For leaders: Mobilyzr guides leaders through “systems thinking” for strategic ministry in church and community. It gives a process to create “best fit” structures for connecting disciples to meaningful ministry. It also gives frameworks for creating teams, supervising people, and optimizing systems.
  • For churches, ministries, and agencies: Mobilyzr helps “close the back door” in comprehensive ways that increase the number of capable volunteers, maintain their involvement, and reduce ministry burnout. It expands on typical features of other Church Management Software systems without attempting to automate what needs to be left to people’s discernment of the Spirit’s leading. It also gives periodic research updates on trends, resources, and skills for sustainable ministry.