What are the recommend resource links about?

Recommend resources links offer conceptual framework and/or practical suggestions for related issues to each evaluation question. Use these resources to improve specific questions that are in the evaluations.

Why do Evaluation results recommend so many kinds of resources?

No two people learn best exactly the same way. You will view many different types of resources based on how those serving are best equipped.

Start a quick tour of Evaluation's resource links

Start a quick tour of Evaluation's resource links

Evaluation questionnaires and result reports list links for recommended resources connected to each evaluation question
PLACE Ministries founder Jay McSwain reviews and selects recommended resources personally. He makes sure each resource relates directly to strengthening whatever core issues are embodied in the questionnaire items it links with.
Recommended resource links takes into account the different learning style approaches that are revealed through mobilyzr’s Equipping Survey.
Since each learning style resonates with specific kinds of media, materials, and events, mobilyzr recommended resources offer something that will connect more readily with people who have that preference. That’s why you’ll likely find anything from books to blogs,conferences to podcasts, and much, much more on any given resource list.