The book, Simple Church states, “For people to take your ministry process seriously, it has to be measured. The cliche is true: what gets evaluated, gets done.” (p. 106) Now the tool (mobilyzr evaluations) to evaluate your process in connecting people to meaningful ministry.

Would your church ministry leaders/volunteers score your process of connecting God’s people to meaningful ministry like church 11 or church 2 above?

Mobilyzr Evaluations answer these and many more questions

Do you ever wonder how your church or ministry team members:

  • feel about serving?
  • would rate the quality of their ministry involvement?
  • evaluate the effectiveness of being equipped for ministry?
  • believe they are being encouraged in their ministry?
  • would describe their sense of empowerment or lack of within your church?

The mobilyzr system offers two Evaluation versions, one tailored for churches and the other for ministry teams.