How are the Evaluation “grades” calculated and reported?

Each of the six Evaluation questionnaires contains only 12 to 14 items. Each of these questions presents three to six responses to select from. So it only takes a few minutes to complete each questionnaire.

Points Grades
100 - 80 A
79 - 60 B
59 - 40 C
39 - 20 D
19 or below F

Start a quick tour of Evaluation's grading system

Start a quick tour of Evaluation's grading system

Each of the 12 to 14 items in an evaluation is assigned a certain number of points, depending on how important it is to the overall impact of that particular mobilization element.
Each evaluation questionnaire has a possible total of 100 points. The mobilyzr Online Evaluation system automatically totals the points and calculates the score for each individual or group’s average score for the questionnaire.
The Evaluation results give a grade of A, B, C, D, or F for each of the six mobilization elements, according to the average points rated by the participants.
The mobilyzr online Evaluation system breaks down the results for each individual question as rating an overall Positive, Neutral, or Negative response.