How can we compare & contrast the opinions of different groups?

When you purchase a set of Evaluations, you can divide them into multiple groups. This feature let’s you compare perspectives from different segments of individuals or teams within your church or organization.

When viewing your Analysis, a question-by-question analysis of your results are displayed. Each question is categorized to show if the average response was Positive, Moderate, or Negative. For each of these sections, the questions are listed, along with some resources that you may find helpful in improving your score, or for further enlightenment on the subject.

Start a quick tour of Evaluation comparisons

Start a quick tour of Evaluation comparisons

Evaluation questionnaires and results link to multiple kinds of resources and training media - books, articles, blogs, podcasts, seminars, coaching, etc. These match the categories in the mobilyzr Equipping Preferences Survey, to offer resources for a range of learning styles.
Consider comparing your ministry groups year to year to compare whether you are being more effective in connecting, identifying, equipping, empowering, encouraging and multiplying your members for ministry.
You have the ability to compare and contrast each groups’ answers as to whether they gave a positive, moderate or negative response to a particular answer.