What benefits does Evaluations give us?

Evaluations measure members’ opinions of how well your church or ministry is doing overall at providing a complete process for mobilizing people into meaningful ministry.

Evaluations consists of a set of six short questionnaires, one to probe the effectiveness of each part in an integrated mobilization process: connecting, identifying, equipping, empowering, encouraging, and multiplying. The entire set of questionnaires takes only 10 to 15 minutes to complete!

Choose which individuals or groups you want to take the Evaluation – leaders, volunteers, staff, specific ministry teams, or the entire congregation – so you can see how you are doing from multiple perspectives. Repeat the process periodically to monitor what impacts your improvements are having on your process of connecting God’s people in meaningful ministry.

Start a quick tour of Evaluation's benefits

Start a quick tour of Evaluation's benefits

Evaluation questionnaires and results link to multiple kinds of resources and training media - books, articles, blogs, podcasts, seminars, coaching, etc. These match the categories in the mobilyzr Equipping Preferences Survey, to offer resources for a range of learning styles.
Significant difference ratings between groups like senior pastor, staff and volunteers likely means you need to examine the mobilization element or issue more closely.
Capability to compare results and track changes within each Group’s perspective over time, to see which areas have improved, slipped or maintained.
Compare the results of your church, ministry, or agency with comparable organizations of similar type and size to see how you compare. This may lead you to relevant transition strategies and resources, based on 'best practices'.