Evaluations let you ask ministry workers some carefully crafted questions

designed to help them rate the effectiveness of your process in connecting God’s people to meaningful ministry.

What is a “mobilyzr Online” Evaluation?

Evaluation that helps you rate the effectiveness of six elements in your church or ministry’s mobilization process: connecting, identifying, equipping, empowering, encouraging, and multiplying. An Evaluation consists of six carefully crafted questionnaires of 12 to 14 items each. They let participants give brutally honest grades, based on their own ministry experiences, about what works and what doesn’t in their ministry involvement experience.

For more information about the theory behind our mobilyzr Evaluation, check out founder Jay McSwain's book, Are You Committed? Connecting Members to Meaningful Ministry. In his book, Jay discusses the importance of these six parts of the mobilyzr process as an integrated system, and how to make them work together for your church or ministry. You can read chapter summaries of Are You Committed? here, or purchase Jay’s book in either print or PDF form from our Online Store.