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The annual subscription fee, based on your average weekly worship service attendance, includes unlimited access to the online workshop. This resource offers a great easy way for participants to work through the PLACE discovery process. They can use the PLACE Participant Guide, plus PLACE Assessment Tool or Online Assessment, to enhance their online learning experience. Note: The mobilyzr subscription items are not included with the Online Streaming PLACE Workshop subscription. They require an additional subscription fee.

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Are You Committed Previews

Are You Committed? Connecting God's People to Meaningful Ministry gives the results of Jay's strategic work to critique the mobilization process and develop a complete, holistic process that integrates six elements simultaneously: connecting, identifying, equipping, empowering, encouraging, and multiplying.

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There are many good churches that have tried unsuccessfully to connect their entire church to meaningful ministry unsuccessfully. Why? This penny analogy may help explain why churches have failed in intentionally connecting more than 20-25 % of their members to meaningful ministry.

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