Have You Ever Struggled With

  • Capturing information like spiritual gifts from church members, but never having enough time to enter the information into the church management system?
  • Not knowing or remembering specific information about members who would be perfectly suited for a ministry job?
  • not being able to quickly and easily email certain individuals you deem are suited for a ministry?
See where God is working in the lives of your entire congregation by looking their passions for ministry.
PLACE Assessments combined with the PLACE Volunteer Database will solve these struggles.

Henry Blackaby, the author of Experiencing God, encourages believers to find out where God is working and join Him.

The PLACE Assessments along with the mobilyzr volunteer database allows church leaders to see where God is working in the lives of their entire congregation by looking at who they have passion for in ministry.

Start a quick tour of PLACE Assessments with Volunteer Database

Start a quick tour of PLACE Assessments with Volunteer Database

When individuals take the PLACE Assessments that are associated with your church the PLACE Volunteer Database will allow these assessments to be imported into your database. No longer does a volunteer or paid staff person have to key in the information.
When combining the Assessments with the Volunteer Database church leaders can use any number of filters to search for specific individuals to consider serving in a specific ministry need.
By combining the PLACE Assessments with the volunteer database you can search for any number of criteria like a specific spiritual gift(s) along with a passion for a certain group (children, youth, etc.). Not only can you search for these individuals you can send group and/or individual emails to those who fit the criteria.
The Volunteer Database allows church leaders to assign a minister/ministry leader to a felt passion (children, youth, non-Christians, church visitors, etc.). When an individual takes the online PLACE Assessment the ministry leader assigned to the felt passion group is automatically notified of the individual’s passion for the group they are assigned to in the assessment.