Why does Mobilyzr work?

Our “mobilyzr Online” system is based on over 10 years experience in volunteer assimilation, with continuous research into both best practices and critical gaps in ministry mobilization. “Mobilyzr Online” offers practical ways for leaders to improve the ways we are ministers and optimize the ways we do ministry. Used completely and consistently, the mobilyzr system can help churches and ministries reap sustainable quantitative growth and qualitative improvement because it:

  • Provides a complete and integrated process for creating sustainable ministry structures.
  • Offers resources, implementation tools, and online databases that use a comprehensible organic design.
  • Interweaves six interconnected components into its holistic organic process: connecting, identifying, equipping, empowering, encouraging, and multiplying.
  • Emphasizes leader accountability through pinpointing areas of mobilization that work well and need sustaining, are deficient and need improving, or don’t exist and need starting.