Why is Mobilyzr important?

Mobilizing members into meaningful ministry will always be a labor-intensive part of healthy Kingdom life. But we shouldn’t expect a plug-and-play program that makes everything easy. No set of ministry tools can (or should!) take away all of the think-work involved in creating a practical mobilization plan for local implementation. However, we believe mobilyzr does make the process smoother in the here-and-now and more sustainable in the long run.

In the biggest picture of things, mobilyzr releases God’s people into the kinds of strength-based, passion-driven service that energize them and expand His Kingdom. Here are some more specific ways that “mobilyzr Online” benefits leaders, volunteers, and the churches/ministries they work with:

  • Leaders. By reducing data input and survey tool distribution activities, mobilyzr frees up time for leaders to invest in other activities. It helps fill in typical gaps left by seminary or other training programs. It guides through “systems thinking” for strategic Kingdom ministry in church and community. It provides a process to create “best fit” infrastructures for connecting disciples into meaningful ministry. It offers a framework for creating, sustaining and supervising teams.
  • Volunteers. Mobilyzr focuses on character development, biblical worldview expansion, and ministry involvement as an integrated whole. Ministry volunteers will be better coached in a “mobilyzred ministry” while they serve in “best fit” niche that matches who God made them to be.
  • Organizational Benefits. Mobilyzr helps “close the back door” in comprehensive ways that should increase the number of capable volunteers, maintain their involvement, and reduce ministry burnout. It expands on typical features of other Church Management Software systems without attempting to automate what needs to be left to people’s discernment of the Spirit’s leading. It gives periodic updates on research trends and skill development for continuing education.
“mobilyzr Online” – a complete, optimal process …
for intentional assimilation of disciples …
into sustainable, strength-based ministries.