What is Mobilyzr?

“Moving members into ministry” is our byword at “mobilyzr Online.” We give leaders snapshots of their church’s or ministry’s mobilization vital signs, and offer a system of databases, tools, reports, and resources so they can respond with a customized process for connecting God’s people into meaningful ministry:

  • Assess levels and locations of vulnerability in current ministry strategies and structures.
  • Create and implement a complete, integrated design process for developing volunteer assimilation system sustainability.
  • Revise discipleship systems for improved flexibility and long-term viability.
  • Mobilize disciples into ministries with better applicability to their gifts and strengths.
  • Create customized evaluation reports, to incorporate more and better accountability measurements into strategic plan development processes.
  • Communicate with ministry team members more easily about schedules and other details by generating automatic emails.
  • Keep more future-ready by infusing its holistic paradigm into the organization’s systems, since society is generally moving in the direction of that paradigm